What are your top leadership challenges? If you want the very best leadership practices to meet them, follow the GEO Cardinal Rules™. They provide a proven path to superior results.

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Leadership Practices for the New Normal

The GEO Cardinal Rules™ are the leadership practices that we’ve found to be essential for success in the New Normal. They are not theoretical. These are the ways that the world’s most successful leaders use to quickly to spot new opportunities, mobilize resources, and deliver results.

The GEO Cardinal Rules™ are not a substitute for the timeless fundamentals of great leadership, but they do raise the bar. Advancing the speed and effectiveness of leadership is a priority because the perfect storm of VUCA — Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity — has spawned unprecedented challenges.

Consider these signs of shortfalls in current practices:

  • Strategy shortfalls – 67% of leaders say capabilities don’t fully support their strategy; 52% are not confident in their company’s strategy.
  • Execution shortfalls– Over 80% of organizations fail to execute their strategies effectively; CEOs from 40 countries rate “Execution” as their #1 concern.
  • Speed shortfalls – 90% of senior leaders agree that speed is critical to success, but only 40% say that they are moving fast enough. 50% lower operating profit is the result when organizations are outpaced by their competitors.
  • Engagement shortfalls – Only 33% of employees are engaged in their job and 51% are looking for a new job.

Below are brief descriptions of each of the six GEO Cardinal Rules™. The text links to pages that explain the what, why, and how-to for each Rule.


Leadership Practices for Superior Results

Cardinal Rule 1 — THINK TOGETHER

GEO Cardinal Rule 1 is THINK TOGETHER

The THINK TOGETHER leadership practice is about achieving smarter strategic thinking and more energized engagement. The key is tapping Collective IQ by LISTENING to and DISTILLING a broad spectrum of ideas, views, and opinions to address a complex challenge. This approach consistently delivers deeper insights and smarter solutions than could be produced by an individual or an elite few.


Cardinal Rule 2 is DECIDE DYNAMICALLY.

The DECIDE DYNAMICALLY leadership practice is about avoiding the many dangers of decision inertia which is a critical challenge when your environment is changing, often rapidly and unpredictably. Not knowing how to shift your perspective and think differently when new circumstances arrive is one of the primary causes of decision disasters.

Cardinal Rule 3 — UNLOCK TRUST

Cardinal Rule 3 is UNLOCK TRUST.

The UNLOCK TRUST leadership practice is about fostering success generating behaviors — creativity, collaboration, and alignment. The performance benefits of high trust levels are well-documented. Organizations in which trust is strong vastly outperform low trust ones. Given the ROI benefits, Unlocking Trust is a must!

Cardinal Rule 4 — AMPLIFY ENERGY

GEO Cardinal Rule 4 is AMPLIFY ENERGY.

The AMPLIFY ENERGY leadership practice is about activating people, individually and collectively. It’s about increasing the intensity of passion, excitement, and emotional engagement to accelerate results. When organizational energy is amplified, intellectual capacities expand and there is a palpable sense of urgency for taking action.


GEO Cardinal Rule 5 - Inspire Innovation

The INSPIRE INNOVATION leadership practice is about making extraordinary thinking the norm by motivating people to initiate and develop something new and better, again and again. The innovations can be new and better products, processes, or lines of business with one common denominator – they advance your strategic priorities.



The LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY leadership practice is about using smart tools to truly do more with less. By augmenting our personal intelligence and automating our routine tasks, we can gain deeper insights and increase our efficiency. Through better and better applications of technology, we can continue to transform how we communicate, collaborate, innovate, and educate.

One Caveat about the Six GEO Cardinal Rules

One caveat about the six GEO Cardinal Rules™. None of them is a stand-alone, ‘silver bullet’ solution. They are a seamless, integrated whole specifically designed to meet the leadership challenges of the New Normal.

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